Friday, June 25, 2010

New fabric, new dress

I went into town today to buy fabric for a new dress. I am going to a wedding in July. There was a sale on in the fabric shop, Hickeys, but I just could'nt pick anything, too many flowery cottons and gingham. So in the end I bought 2 meters of some Duchesse Satin. Its a lovely grape colour.

I plan to make the Danielle dress, which is a free pattern from Burdastyle. I will omit the sleeves, I am also planning on making the skirt more A-Line. I am not a fan of pleats around the belly area.

Now that I have the fabric at home I am having doubts about my choice, 3 reasons.
1. Will it be too warm for a summer wedding?
2. Does satin show every lump and bump on your body?
3.I have never sewn with satin before.

Planning on starting it soon, and will post pics when its done. Looking forward to it.

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  1. the colour purple can never be too warm!!!! i think duchess satin is a bit more forgiving than other satin's but nothing fixes lumps and bumps like my fave the good old bridget jones pants!!!! as for sewing with it..... you have to use a ball pint needle as it will pull at your thread otherwise use little bits to practice is what i say but i do stand by my earlier words duchess is very sturdy shouldn't slip about so much xx
    ps thanx for stopping by!!!!!


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