Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sewing machine issues.

As the title suggests my machine is broken again...
Last week I had huge loops on the bottom stitches, this was fixed by a new bobbin holder.
Now this week I have huge loops on the top stitches...
Picture below, I've tried adjusting everything possible, any ideas how to fix it?

With that the time was right to make a Christmas cake. I used a recipe from this book.

Its a well used "Vintage" school book dated from 1950. Was my old school book, but I'm not that old. The  recipes are the best, and the cake turned out fab. Here it is in the tin before cooking.

And here it is cooked, nicely browned and no cracks.

And the best part, it has to be "fed", with brandy or whiskey! This keeps it fresh and alcoholy, cant wait to taste it.

Has anyone else made their cake yet? Do tell.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snow Time

Its still snowing. I have to say I love it, everything looks so clean and new. Our morning walk today was cool...  Anna made a snow angel.

My dog just cant get enough of the stuff.

This bench looks so forlorn. Needs a body to warm it...

Now back to sewing winter hats more to follow...
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