Friday, September 24, 2010

New Skirt

I love pockets in skirts. So when I saw a pattern in Burdastyle Magazine I had to try and make it.

I used the last of my denim for the pattern. In the magazine its a mini skirt, I added 5 inches to the length, cos I didn't want a mini.

I would say that the skirt is easy to make and the size is correct according to pattern. only problem is maybe denim wasn't the best choice. The pockets kind of stick out at the sides.

Will have to be put down as another step on the learning curve, maybe one day I'll make something that I just might wear.

Mazy on the sofa thought it was a great idea anyway.


  1. Johnny Depp's loverSeptember 26, 2010 at 8:14 AM

    If Mazy thought so then it must be so. When will you make some chic outfit for her, you know, inspired by the ones we saw in Stockholm :-)

  2. I think the length of the skirt is just great the way you made it, it looks good.

    What comes to the pockets, I think that that particular shape of pockets is easily prone to stick out. If there is any extra left on the seam allowances on the sides it might help, if you let some of it out. Or you might try changing the curve of the side seams.

    The beach in the previous post is just amazing!

  3. Great job on the skirt!
    I couldn't see anything wrong with the pockets (on the pics facing us you have your hands inside them) until you pointed out - and still think that there is nothing wrong with them. Nonetheless, if you can't stand them showing off a little bit that the problem can be easily solved (that is if you don't want to re-do them) - you just need a longer blouse or sweater that would cover the pockets.


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