Friday, January 14, 2011

Vintage Pattern

I planned to get this dress finished for Christmas, but unfortunately didn't have the time. Today I finally hemmed it. Only two weeks late. Its a sixties pattern, it has princess seams, which I love.

I made view H, but with sleeves.

The dress had a really low v-neck which was gaping after I had finished it. So I made an alteration in the shoulder seams, and now the neck sits flat.

The fabric is fabulous Liberty of London, and it cost me next to nothing. I hope to wear this when weather improves.


  1. Lovely dress! Well done looks great! Fi

  2. WOW it turned out great!! go you for altering too love the fabric :) I will be accepting your nomination later today and thanx oh so much :) I feel privileged to have been given a stylish award!!

  3. Thanks to both of you for the nice comments. I might actually wear this one...

  4. I love the fabric, love the pattern. Great looking dress.

  5. Hi Merruli, thanks for the lovely comment.


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