Friday, September 9, 2011

Stil Patterns

While on holidays this Summer, I came across these fabulous vintage patterns. Both by the name of Stil. They have instructions in both Finnish & Swedish, thankfully they have amazing detailed drawings of each step, cos I dont speak either Finnish or Swedish.

The first pattern is a cute halterneck dress, which i will make for next Summer.

Its in my size and was only 50c, why I didnt buy more I dont know.

The second pattern is for a really cute dress, that I plan to start very very soon.

I especially like the neckline and view A.
On that same trip I bought this gorgeous fabric for 2 euro. I have a sneaky feeling it might be rayon. Although I am not sure.

But before any of that sewing takes place I really need to sort out my garden, to say its a mess is an umderstatement!!

No we didnt get hit with a hurricane, just digging up all the hedges that died after last winters snow. Will post some more sewing pictures soon.


  1. The patterns look fantastic as well as the fabric!
    I am sure the dresses would be stunning!

  2. How cute pattens! The second dress is my favourite, but both are nice.
    STIL patterns are very nostalgic for me, my grandmother used them, and I've got a few that I inherited from her. Unfortunately they are cut in a larger size than mine, but I think I'll grade them down and use them in the future.
    Let me know if you need help translating any of the instructions (if you get stuck), I speak Swedish (that's the one with å ä ö). karin arver at gmail is the adress.

  3. emer, you have a knack of finding really nice patterns! LOVE the second one. Can't wait to see the outcome :)


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