Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sewing Fail

Well, I have a party to go to on Saturday, its a family event , loads of peoples will be there. I had this pattern in mind, which is a recent thrift find.

I think its a sixties pattern, I especially liked the pockets in the front seam. I do have a thing for pockets, even though  they are not really me. I used the purple satin I bought during the Summer.

I guess you could say the dress is probably too small. Initally I put the pockets in , then removed them. But it still does not fit me ...argh.

Its creased at the waist, etc. etc. More walking clearly needed.

The dress is no more, as I have already taken out the zip to re-use. I suppose its all part of the learning curve. I ask myself, why I refused to make a muslin?
Decided to make the Danielle instead, will post pics when done. Hope it wont be another FAIL.


  1. You are brave to use satin at all! I am pretty conservative in my fabric choices because I want to limit the chances of a fail. However, I just set a cotton tunic in the back of my closet because it turned out so small I couldn't zip it! I'll be walking more also. :-)

  2. Yes I think i will never touch satin again. It shows all the lumps and bumps he he.


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